Malaysia and other countries in the region have been successful with their development initiatives and are willing to share their success stories and lessons learned with other developing countries. CEDSCO has an excellent track record in bringing countries to Malaysia (and to other countries in the region) to learn from Malaysia’s development experiences. CEDSCO works in close collaboration with various donor agencies to ensure that study visits to Malaysia and the region are results-oriented and produce useful learning tools.

CEDSCO is a leading organiser, facilitator and manager of practical and purposeful study visits to Malaysia and other countries in the region. CEDSCO has been designing, organising and managing structured study visits on capacity-building programs for delegations from various countries visiting Malaysia since 2004 and these visits are planned carefully to ensure that study visits are focused and results-oriented.



Customised study visit programmes are carefully planned to be focused and results-oriented. Our programmes cover all aspects of public sector and where relevant, sight visits to neighboring provinces/states can be arranged.

Additionally, in-house workshops and trainings can be included to make the study visit a more wholesome experience. These workshops and trainings will be conducted by CEDSCO’s expert trainers who have vast public sector experience and background.

CEDSCO’s experienced professional Program Managers will assist visiting delegations with logistic support such as accommodation, airport transfers, local transportation, sight visits and cultural shows (during weekends).


Study Visits with CEDSCO consist of inputs by CEDSCO’s experienced trainers, visits to relevant ministries and agencies, interactions with key personnel in the ministries and agencies, discussions and meetings. By incorporating CEDSCO’s experts and Malaysian civil servants, delegates can expect a focused and results-based study visit.



CEDSCO’s study visit programme can vary between a few days to a few weeks depending on the requirements and needs of the delegation. Our Program Managers have vast experience in building a customized programme according to your requirements.


  • Advising clients on designing purposive and action oriented study visits
  • Advice on on-sitelearning visits to agencies and projects
  • Designing customized training and action learning programs during visits
  • Study mission programming and scheduling
  • Conducting pre and post study visit briefings
  • Focused “Pre-mission Exposure Workshops” on key topics & subject matter content to prepare delegates for agency site visits
  • Detailed background information on subject matter and agencies
  • Value-added technical advice on topics and issues covered
  • Strategic liaison with clients, donors, and agencies
  • Managing all logistics matters for visits and training programs
  • Hands-on support for delegation members during site visits


  • Improved performance planning and management in public sector
  • Exchange of country development initiatives and action learning programs
  • Obtain first-hand information and share experiences with relevant government agencies
  • Well acquainted with Malaysian public administration, public sector and civil service approaches, practices and strategies
  • Enhanced knowledge on methods and strategies to overcome reform and development challenges


Key policy makers, planners and government officials from the Ministries and Departments, statutory bodies, parastratals, local governments, NGOs, Donor agencies and private sector.


  • Public Sector Reform
  • Public Sector Modernisation
  • Public Sector Performance Measurement
  • Public Sector Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Strategic Management
  • Strategic Financial Management
  • Research and Impact Studies
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CENTRE FOR DIPLOMACY, STATECRAFT AND COOPERATION (CEDSCO) is a development centre aimed to improve ties and expertise in related to governance and public sector services between Malaysia and developing countries. It provides public sector advisory, assistance and services to government agencies of developing countries, statutory bodies and NGOs. CEDSCO is a connection platform for foreign bodies to obtain first-hand information from relevant Malaysian government agencies.

CEDSCO works together with other partnering firms and consultants in the region to provide technical assistance in the conduct of projects and programmes in developing countries. We welcome enquiries from government agencies, country representatives, donor agencies, consulting firms and consultants. CEDSCO has been the Study Mission manager, advisor and focal point for various foreign government agencies and donor agencies since 2004 and has provided excellent services and assistance for more than 15 countries to date.


The people behind CEDSCO are a fast-growing team of Change Motivators, who has the expertise and experience to transform public service delivery to be more results-oriented. We work with some of the largest and most innovative public service agencies in the country and in the region, which gives an opportunity to create high impact and sustainable change.

If you have a passion for improving public services alongside the energy and motivation to tackle some of your most difficult challenges in your country, we’d like to hear from you.


Centre for Diplomacy, Statecraft And Cooperation (CEDSCO)

No. 11-M, Mezzanine Floor,
Jalan Tengku Ampuan J/9J,

Section 9, 40100, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia


Tel: +60 3 5880 5632

Fax: +60 3 5880 7623

Mobile: +60 12 655 2652



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